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Olympus CSCH-123 TG Camera Case Blue

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For surfers, bikers and other fast-action sports fans, two hands mostly aren''t an option for any kind of shot, let alone selfies. But with an optional Olympus Sport Holder, they can strap the TG-860 securely to a sports harness or backpack strap and pull it tight to their body. To take a picture, it''s simply a question of hitting the face button with whichever hand is free. If you have more time, a quick-release spiral safety cord lets you pull the camera out of its harness without fear that you could lose it - even if an unexpected manoeuvre means you have to let go. As long as it goes where you go, the Tough will come safely through. This accessory can be used even in the rain or seawater, making it an absolute necessity when shooting in harsh outdoor environments and is compatible with Stylus TG-3, TG-860 and TG-850.

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Camera not included.
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