Victorian Re-Enactors at Papplewick Pumping Station - Timeline Events

Victorian Re-Enactors at Papplewick Pumping Station - Timeline Events
7/3/2019 11:00 - 16:00
WHERE: Ravenshead, Nottingham
A day that will transport you back to the 1800’s as we set recreations using a number of perfectly dressed re-enactors playing the part of Victorian engineers, ladies, gentleman and of course the odd eccentric. Scenes from a bygone age when people dressed with style and elegance all set in and around the wonderful Papplewick Victorian Pumping Station.

Come and feel and smell the atmosphere while enjoying photographing the people of the Victorian Industrial Revolution. Embrace the steam as it swirls around the grand halls with there massive pumping engines that will be the backdrop of this photoshoot. This session will concentrate on recording the sights and people that would have been and once an everyday part of life in a Victorian pump house. With its huge beam engines, massive boilers and heavy cast iron infrastructure, we will be spoilt for choice as we set scenes with appropriately dressed Victorian re-enactors creating cameos from a bygone era.

If you love the Victorians and all that they stand for you will simply not want to miss this opportunity and all that we have planned. From the sheer splendour of the whole site to the smallest of details you will be immersed in every way, the opportunities will be endless, added to by the use of our special effects and dedicated lighting. From the start of our session we intend to set cameos with re-enactors that will transport you back in time; in addition we are going to have dedicated areas for macro photography and given that we have the site to ourselves we shall take the opportunity to photograph our re-enactors against the sheer grandeur without a single member of the public insight. The fun doesn't even stop there, the exterior of Papplewick is just as magnificent so we shall also be running portraiture groups outside allowing you the opportunity to use the architecture as your backdrop as well. All this and a few little surprises along the way will make for a fantastic afternoons photography.

To aid photography this session will be limited to just 15 participants.

Our session will start at 11.00 and run until approximately 16.00, the on-site café will be open throughout selling hot snacks, sandwiches, hot drinks and cakes. There is plenty of onsite parking and in addition to the main buildings you will be free to explore the grounds and gardens.

Sony Cameras and Lenses will be available to loan free of charge for the duration of this event.

A free Sony SD card will be given to all attendees.

Exclusive LCE & Sony offers available through this event.

Sony experts will be on hand throughout the duration of the event.

Event cost £120.00 per person.


Lenses- suggest bringing lens lengths between 16-200mm
Spare batteries
Memory cards

Photography Knowledge:
Basic to Advanced

Fitness Level:
Low - Medium


Appropriate outdoor clothing and walking footwear. Even though we will be indoors it is bound to be cold.
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